Sunday, May 15, 2011

Falling Behind Again

The comics are piling up again, but I've also been lazy about posting reviews. Can I blame allergies? Because this has been a horrible allergy season so far. Anyway, on to the reviews.

Secret Six 33
A satisfying conclusion to the main story in hell, which of course isn't a true ending, because there's the matter of Scandal's "other girlfriend." I love all the complexity in this book, especially the complex relationships and emotions. The art's been great, too.

Freedom Fighters 9
Again, the group is disbanded, more or less (I swear this is a recurring theme), and the politics is as thick as ever, which is why I love this book so and am sad it'll be ending soon. I wouldn't like all comics to be like this, but I do like having one to read, with characters representing a variety of views.

Batgirl 21
A pretty cover and the usual fun inside. The real intrigue for me is the direction Wendy's story is taking. I'm looking forward to seeing how that develops.

Birds of Prey 12
Super cover, but does Hawk really go around in street clothes and his mask? At least Dove looks like she's just wearing sunglasses. It was nice seeing Renee (The Question) in the story (and I'd love to see Batwoman guest next!). And what a nice, creepy story. Part 2 looks like it should be a winner. Junior's such a icky villain.

Flash 11-12
This sets up Flashpoint nicely, although a bit slowly. Zoom's a powerful villain and playing with time is always fun and it gets explosive when you put the two together. Next up is Flashpoint 1 and it had better live up to the hype.


  1. According to the newspaper, the pollen count this year is something like TEN times what it was last year. No wonder people are sneezing.

    Yup, Birds of Prey was a goodie. I honestly thought that Junior was killed off, but should probably have known better. Scary as all heck!

    Secret Six was ALSO fabulous. I'm glad that they all saw the light and yet I am terrified for poor Liana. Bane seems to be perturbed as well. But that bit with the Shark being stuck in a vegetarian restaurant just cracked me up.

    And Flashpoint was actually...pretty darned good!

  2. Sally, I'd be happy with just sneezing. But the roof of my mouth is sore (probably from all the sneezing!) and my eyes itch even after I put drops in them. And my head feels like it's full of cotton.

    Yeah, Shark is so funny. He's been a fine addition to the book.

    I've seen good comments about Flashpoint (though I've been careful to avoid spoilers), so I'm looking forward to reading it.