Thursday, May 26, 2011

Time to Stop Procrastinating

And write some reviews!

Green Arrow 12
The end of the Forest mystery/Brightest Day with Jason Blood rebonding with Etrigan, and seriously, did anyone doubt that would happen somehow? Next issue, we should get back to actual Green Arrow stories. I hope. Oh, and to pick a nit, Ollie tells Galahad that he understood how he felt about his daughter's death, that he lost a girl he loved like a daughter. Why couldn't he just say he'd lost his granddaughter?

Detective 877
So loving this book. Scott Snyder has a nice feel for the Bat-verse. Bringing in Tony Zucco's daughter was a brilliant move, presenting Dick with an intriguing emotional dilemma.

Gotham City Sirens 23
Still fun. Selina is shamed into helping Harley, Harley is her usual loopy self, Arkham Asylum is about to go ballistic, and Bruce shows up. I know people generally prefer Harley with the Joker, but I want her going back to being a semi-heroic/loony pal of Catwoman. She's too restricted as a character when she's with the Joker.

Batman 710
Gotta love Two-Face! Nice guest turn by Selina, too. And things look so bad for Harvey, I almost feel sorry for him.

Batman and Robin 23
Aside from Jason looking too much like Roy Harper, this was okay. If Winick doesn't screw this up at the conclusion, this could be a good story, given this decent beginning.

Zatanna 13
Lovely cover by Hughes. Spectre makes an appearance that seemed rather unnecessary, but might have more meaning later, the Brother Night storyline continues, and we learn Det. Colton has a big secret. Cool.

Supergirl 64
A decent conclusion to the story. In fact, the story was fine, but coming after the brilliance of Sterling Gates, it just felt blah. Just an average story where for a while, it had reached greatness.


  1. Heh heh. Ollie can't call Lian his makes him sound too old.

    Oh Ollie.

    Batman & Robin was pretty decent, although I always reserve judgement a bit when it comes to Winick. And yeah, Jason looks eerily like Roy.

  2. Good point re: Grandpa Ollie, though he has been called that, by Roy and Lian.

    With Winick, it's always best to reserve judgment.