Monday, June 06, 2011

Bat Books

No. Just. No.

Not gonna be reading the new Bat books, except Batwoman, unless it relies too much on the new Bat order of things and starts to annoy me, and possibly Catwoman, unless it makes Selina too much of a villain and then, no to that, too.

I wasn't reading Batman and Detective until Dick became Batman and now I have no reason to continue with them. Nor do I care to read about Bruce and Damian as Batman and Robin. That's father and son more than mentor and mentee. I love reading the Dick and Damian team and I will treasure their wonderful run, but I can't go backward. For that reason, I can't bring myself to read Dick as Nightwing once more and that costume! Ugh. The red on the black just looks ridiculous.

Red Hood and the Outlaws sounds even worse. I never liked Jason Todd. Never. I'm one of the readers who voted for the Joker to blow him up. To have Roy teamed with him and Kory? No. Just. No. I don't care that he's got his arm back. I don't care that that cover is pretty. I'm sure he won't have a daughter, but even if Lian is there, this is just wrong. Roy and Jason? I'd read it only if Roy can beat the shit out of Jason every issue. That would be worth the price. However, this makes me feel ill:
Jason Todd finds himself as a leader of a team of antiheroes – including "Green Arrow's rejected sidekick Arsenal and Starfire, a former prisoner of intergalactic war."
Ollie rejected Roy? Ignored him, yes. Tossed him out when he caught him shooting up? Yes. But rejected him? Give me an f'in break. We've finally gotten to the point where Roy and Ollie had reconciled, never mind that crap after Lian was killed. And I don't like Roy called an anti-hero. He was always a hero. A very flawed, very human hero, but a hero none the less.

I think I need to rest and eat some chocolate before I have a fit.

So, I pose a question, to anyone who still reads this blog: Given how infrequently I post while reading 15-20 books a month, and how fewer posts I'll be putting up here when I'm reading 5-10 titles per month, will anyone stick around and keep reading this humble blog?


  1. Please notice how hip and relatable Roy is because he now has tattoos and a baseball cap.

    To grant DC the minimum of fairness, though, it could be said that Roy's "rejection" is part of the new continuity.


    Check out this putrid quote from Mike Marts on Bruce/Damian: "That's going to be very interesting because here you have a family dynamic of father and son who have the most unique relationship, and not the most perfect of relationships. That will provide for a lot of interesting stories." Oh yes, because these were stories that could never have been told with a BROTHERLY dynamic like you were already doing!

    And check out this line from the press release: "In the first BATMAN #1 since 1930..." Gag me. What mouth-breathing pants-on-head retard thought that was something to be celebraed? Or at least clever?

    Heck, even Gail Simone's not immune: "Something thrilling that a generation of comics readers will be experiencing for the first time... Barbara Gordon leaping, fighting, and swinging over Gotham. Now, when citizens of that city look up, they are going to see BATGIRL." For the record, people born when Cass Cain became Batgirl are now 12 years old.

    With each passing day I lose more and more confidence in this companywide version of One More Day.

  2. I also noticed that Roy's tattoos are not his Navaho tattoo that recent artists have/had totally forgotten about. The cap looks ridiculous.

    And I can't decide if Gail Simone sincerely believes what she's been saying, or if she's just trying to put a positive spin on it/being a good member of the DC team.

  3. It's less that she's trying to put lipstick on the pig (I'd expect nothing less from a loyal company employee) and more the fact that she essentially termed Cass and Steph as "fake" Batgirls. Like they never even COUNTED.

  4. Gail's a wonderful writer, but she's made it very clear her feeling on the Batgirls. It's a damn shame she wants to live in the past, because no matter what new stories she'll write, it's still an old version of Babs. I became a fan of Steph because she became Batgirl. I didn't care about her before that.

  5. I'll still have you on my feedreader.

  6. Thanks! It should be interesting. ;)

  7. I'll still be reading you.

    and damn, I just realised Lian will most likely be retconned. :(

  8. Thanks, Saranga.

    I can't decide if I want to know where Roy stands in the new DCU or not. Just thinking about it makes me feel sick.