Monday, June 06, 2011

Considering My Pull List

Come September, I'm thinking it'll be something like this....

The Lone Ranger
The Death of Zorro (I'm not sure when this wraps up.)
Unwritten (if it continues)

Batwoman (She's fairly new, so except for some bumps if any other Bat characters show up and they're not what I expect/want, this should be fine.)

The Spirit (Assuming it'll still be published.)

It gets a bit murky at this point. There are some books I'm reading (well, accumulating for future reading) that I could get in monthlies and keep up that way, then buy the trades. These include, assuming they'll still be published:


I'm taking a wait and see who the heck is behind the cowl with:
Batman and Robin
If it's not Dick Grayson, I won't be getting these. Similarly, I don't want to read about Babs as Batgirl. Been there, read that, decades ago and in a lot of stories. And Dick and Damian form the best Dynamic Duo. I like 'em even better than Bruce and Dick in the old days.

Batgirl... Again, keeping to my feelings about the Bat family, if not Steph, I'm not going to read it.

A Catwoman title? Well, that depends, too. If this version of Selina hasn't had a daughter she gave up, if she doesn't know Bruce Wayne and Dick Grayson are both Batman, if she hasn't been through all she's been through, if she reverts back to just being a cat burglar, than no, thanks.

Supergirl? Uh, not sure at all. Kara's gone through a lot thanks to Sterling Gates and she's become an awesome version of SG. I would hate hate hate to have her regress to an earlier version.
I don't read other Superman titles, so I doubt I'll start with any in September.

Legion of Super Heroes? What? Another reboot? Are they doing this? I have no clue what to do if this continues.

Green Lantern and Green Arrow? Well, again, it depends. GA has gotten boring, and to be honest, GL has gotten way too complicated for someone who reads only the GL book and not the other Lantern books. I'm thinking of dropping it.

Aquaman.... This holds appeal because I do like the character and he's been rebooted so many times, I actually lost track enough to not be bothered by another reboot. Plus, I didn't read all the versions and many of what I did read sucked. So, I might be enticed to try this.

Secret Six? Birds of Prey? I'm almost afraid to look at them after August. I'd hate to see them ruined. Is Secret Six even continuing? I did read about a new team on BoP and given the changes coming for Babs, this is definitely questionable for me.

Wonder Woman? Hell, I stopped reading it a year ago and I see no reason to start again in September. Ditto JLA and JSA which I stopped reading even before that. I am a bit intrigued by Mr. Terrific, but if no Checkmate and Sasha, then I don't think it'll make me happy.

Nothing else sounds interesting. I'm seriously going to have to look at independents. I don't like reading black and white pages, though. That's fine for 3-4 panel strips, but in a book, it's really tough for me at times to differentiate characters and read the dialogue and text because it all kinda blends in on me. So, I'll need to seek out some fun color comics. Any suggestions? And not Marvel. I've read various Marvel titles over the years, but I can't really get into the Marvel Universe.

The big thing that bugs me about this, because really, DC can do what it wants and I don't mind saving some money to spend on other things, is that there will be a lot of female lead books I won't be supporting, and they might be great, just simply things I don't want to read. And I feel bad about that. But DC clearly doesn't want me as a reader, so that's that.


  1. As far as I can see, it is going to be Bruce in the Bat suit, and Dick back as Nightwing. But it will be Damian as Robin, so I don't know where the heck poor Tim is going to end up. Oh, and Jason is in a book with none other than Roy and Starfire! And he has his arm back!

    Convoluted enough yet?

    Birds of Prey has lost Zinda and Helena and Rose. Dagnabit.

  2. I was afraid of that, Sally. Much as I want Roy's arm back, I want him with his arm and his daughter and I want him as he was right before that crap happened.

    My reading choices are getting much simpler. I'm definitely going to be looking for new things to read. I think it's time to have a nice chat with the manager at Forbidden Planet. I'm sure he'll have good things to suggest.