Wednesday, June 01, 2011

My Comment on this DC Universe The Source Post

Because comments are closed there, I'm commenting here, and virtually sticking my tongue out at them, so there. Yeah, I can be mature when I want to be. ;)

They say they hate secrets. Well, I hate having to start over again at age 58. Seriously. I've been reading DC Comics since I was 7. That's over half a century, people. I've been through reboots. I adjusted. Of course, there was my boycott in the '80s after the original Supergirl died in the original Crisis on Infinite Earths, not that DC noticed. And I'm sure they won't notice when my pull list of DC titles shrinks come September. Because I'm pretty sure it will.

Here's where they're at:
"Yesterday was just the beginning. After all, we don’t want to spoil the many surprises we have up our sleeves. It’s so important to us to make sure you maintain those feelings of excitement and unexpectedness when you pick up a new issue of our books."
And here's where I'm at: I like being surprised. Truly. But I also like familiar and comfortable. Reading about characters I know and love in surprising and entertaining stories is what I want from DC. Reading about interesting and exciting new characters and new versions of older characters who are truly new, is what I want. Jaime Reyes and the new Blue Beetle and Ryan Choi as the new Atom. Seeing characters grow and mature into new roles, such as Dick Grayson becoming Batman and Wally West becoming the Flash.

I didn't even mind when Bruce came back because Dick has still been Batman, just one of a few now. And Barry being back is okay as long as Wally can continue as the Flash. But if come September, reading DC comics will feel like reading an alternate universe version of the characters I've come to know and love, well, I'm not sure that's what I want.

I'm just getting too old for this crap. I put up with the big events even if they fizzled somewhat after 52, which was, IMO, the best of the bunch. Even Brightest Day, with its wonderful art and nice start, fizzled in some of the storylines and restoring a status quo of sorts, with the newly undead mostly being dead again, save for Swamp Thing, which was a nice surprise, but really, did we need to drag this out for a year?!

So forgive me for my lack of enthusiasm. But then, I'm not the right demographic, anyway, am I?


  1. Several people have made the connection that while reboots and #1's make for a good jumping on point, they ALSO make for an equally easy jumping OFF point.

    Yes, some fifty and more years of continuity is tortuous. But you know what? I'm 53, and I've LEARNED that continuity! What's more I enjoy it.

    Let's face, we're just a pair of crazy old ladies who love comic books.

  2. LOL. We sure are! And while I wouldn't mind going back a few years for a reboot, I'd rather do it in my own life. Ah, to be 50 again! But I don't want to go backward in the comics I read. And the more I read about this, the less I like it.

  3. I'm 54 so I guess I'm qualified to join this debate :-) I don't like reboots usually either. I'm more in to Marvel than DC and I'm losing track of how many times I've bought an Avengers #1, normally with nothing to justify the renumbering. I like that X-Men is on #539 becaue I remember the pleasure that #95 gave me back in '76. So what's next, a complete reboot every 3/5 years as now happens with The Avengers?

  4. Yup, you definitely qualify, Matthew! I think I'll dub us the demographically challenged comic readers club! :)

    There definitely is a satisfaction of seeing those issue numbers rise and while I do understand how they could feel that the high numbers are daunting to people and kids trying to jump in, that didn't bother me with Superman and Batman back when I was 7. Those comics were around through enough years to have fairly decent runs by the time I came along.

    Too many 1st issues of a title gets way too confusing, but it's the de-aging of certain characters, tweaks of others, and leaving others pretty much the same that really has my mind boggled. I can't keep track of all that, not after so many reboots and retcons.