Sunday, June 19, 2011

Superman and Lois Lane

I left this comment on this post, and thought I'd repeat it here.

One thing I love about Superman and Lois being married is that it shows a nice, happy marriage, which is a rare thing in comics. They're partners in every sense. The only other DC marriage that worked as well IMO is the one with the couple already married (and I sure do miss Ralph and Sue Dibny!) Even Barry and Iris doesn't have the dynamic that Superman and Lois have. 
The other thing I love about Superman and Lois being married is that it fits perfectly with his ideals and with his upbringing. He grew up in a loving home with the Kents. He witnessed a near perfect marriage firsthand. It makes sense for him to want that and when he meets Lois, he finds his lifemate/soulmate. It makes sense for them to be married.
Marriage does not have to be a jump the shark event. It just takes good writers to write a loving partnership and the Superman writers for the most part have done a great job with it.

And because it's Father's Day, the last time Roy and Lian were together...

Roy and Lian
This is how I remember them. This is always how I'll remember them. Roy Harper went through a lot in his life and it was discovering he was a father that finally gave him the purpose and stability he needed and craved. Here's to fathers everywhere, especially my own, on Father's Day.

In the "real" DCU, Lian is still alive and Roy is happily raising her. The current DCU is an alternate reality and the upcoming DCU is merely another alternate reality. I'd love to have this DCU back, but I know that['s probably impossible. I can hope only that a better DCU will be along in another year or so after the upcoming one crashes and burns. A gal can hope, right? ;)


  1. *sigh*

    I agree with you so completely, that I can hardly believe it. Breaking up Lois and Clark is...stupid. Does anyone really want to see Superman run around dating or sleeping with other women? That may appeal to fourteen-year old boys I suppose, but what about the rest of us?

    I am assuming that Roy and Lian live next door to Ted Kord and the Dibneys.

  2. Yes, Sally! Roy and Lian and the Dibnys, and Ted all live in Happy Acres (or some such idyllic place)! :)

  3. You probably don't know this, but Lois and Clark were not DC's longest-lasting couple. That title belonged to Mal and Karen Duncan (a.k.a. Herald and Bumblebee) until earlier this year, when the writers divorced them for some cheap angst.

  4. Mal and Karen were divorced?! I didn't even know they were still appearing anywhere. Well, damn.

  5. Yeah, in Doom Patrol. Only the diehard Titans fans noticed.

  6. Well, damn. Must've been the Doom Patrol series I didn't read. Glad now I didn't.