Wednesday, June 22, 2011

Three Reviews

One from, uh, last week, I guess.

Batgirl 22
I loved this. Guest starring Squire of Knight and Squire, this was loads of fun. I really like Squire. Steph and Beryl made for a fun team dealing with a time problem which is just the appetizer. The real story starts next issue, and finishes in August, and this is just one more painful reminder of what we'll be losing come September: an all-out fun comic featuring a female lead. Gorgeous cover by Dustin Nguyen, too.

And this week...

Zatanna 14
Also fun. The cover by Hughes is gorgeous and the art by Igle and Sibal was nice, for the pages we got of it. The back part of the story was illo'ed by the inferior, as in ordinary, Moore and Dell, which was a disappointment. This was a cheery contained story featuring Zee and her cousin Zachary and the succubus Zach hooks up with. I'll actually miss this book in September.

Green Arrow 13
This wasn't bad. I was glad to see the end of the Brightest Day tie-ins, but my hopes to get back to the intrigue at Queen Industries, or whatever the company is called, were dashed. The story starts out okay, though I'm not enthralled with the villain. I did like the art by Padilla, and Federal Marshal Haley Donovan shows promise. But the highlight of the issue was the snarky responses in the lettercol. The way the absence of Connor, Mia, and Roy was flippantly dismissed really annoyed me and reminded me that caring about loyal readers is no longer on DC's agenda, if it ever was. feh

I got The Spirit, too, but I'm behind on reading it, so no review. Yet. I picked up only 3 comics today! Felt like a dress rehearsal for September.


  1. You know...there are a LOT of characters that have been arbitrarily swept under the rug recently and DC's offhand flippancy is awfully annoying. On the other hand, I suppose that we should be grateful that they haven't all been killed off, willy-nilly, which probably COULD have happened.

    I am rather looking forward to a few of the new books in September, but not a lot. So...when the crappy ones start to fail, perhaps they will see the light and bring back the GOOD characters. Seriously...Voodoo?

  2. The flippancy is damned annoying. Not a good business practice, if you ask me.

    And yeah, the choices for books has been strange. I do love Grifter, so I'm glad he's getting a book and since he's from the WS verse, I'll be okay with it. I like Voodoo, too, but why she gets a book over other, better known characters is beyond me. I wonder if Zealot will be appearing in Grifter's book.

    These are strange times.