Sunday, July 03, 2011

Hard to Keep Up Enthusiasm

Knowing I'm reading the last few issues of my favorite comics is making it hard for me to stay enthused. But now that it's July, I've got just 2 more issues to look forward to for darned near every DC title I read and y'know... that just plain sucks. At least, most seem to be going out with a bang and I'll be able to look back, and reread, and know they were fine entertainment.

Here are two of the comics I won't be reading or able to read come September.

Detective 878
Dick gets out of a jam with sharks, then figures out the bit of a puzzle that's been eluding him. But more intriguing is the side story that will be coming to the fore featuring Commissioner Gordon's son. I suppose this story could be told with Bruce as Batman. I suppose it could even be told as a Nightwing story. But I can't see either option being better than the story as written for Dick/Batman. Scott Snyder owns this book and Jock's art has set the bar so high, I don't know if anyone could ever do as much justice to Batman regardless of who is under the cowl.

Gotham City Sirens 24
I'm not sure what they'll end this. The solicits for July and August aren't particularly informative, but this issue sure marks a change in direction with Harley going back to the dark side. Selina rocked in this issue. She's become one of DC's better female characters, so complex, her morals ambiguous and yet, she usually does the right thing. What she sounds like in the upcoming DCnU just makes me want to cry. "Addicted to Batman"? Sheesh. Bruce and Selina love each other, plain and simple, but the way things stand, they can't be together unless Selina steps out of the shadows of ambiguity and she can't do that and remain true to herself. It's that dynamic that makes for such powerful scenes between them.

Have I mentioned lately how much I despise the DCnU?


  1. I like Selina, I really do. But after reading the blurb for the new Catwoman book, (sexy, sexy, sexy...did we mention sexy?) I think I'll pass. Add in that it's...Winick, and unless everyone says that it is fabulous...I just don't think so. I'm also not quite sure why Poison Ivy is all of a sudden going to be in the Birds of Prey. Isn't that for...GOOD GIRLS? Ivy has never been remotely...good.

    Harley, I suppose I can understand a little bit in the new Suicide Squad. But to take away her classic costume for that abomination is just...sad.

    I never thought I would say this, since I am not much of a Bat fan, but I'm going to miss Dick as Bats. He had so much more humanity than Bruce. I guess we'll be back to omnipotent Batman now. I feel sorry for Damian.

  2. I agree on all points, Sally. Damian has learned so much from Dick. I doubt he'll learn anything from Bruce except for the crimefighting stuff.

    And I try to not think about the abomination that will be Birds of Prey.