Thursday, July 07, 2011

Mera in Plastic

I got only 2 comics today -- Secret Six 35, which I'll review later, and Batman and Robin 25, of which the less that's said the better -- and the above action figure of Mera. The other new figures were fine, but I'm being selective. I've got the Red Lantern Mera, so I thought I should have this one, too. Here they are together.

Mera and Mera
I forgot to include Red Lantern Mera's trident in the photo. Oops. Anyway, they're long and hard to fit into the frame, so 2 would've been problematic. There's a slight, flat section on Mera's chest, in the same place as Red Lantern Mera has her logo. They had to redo the head, so even with using the same basic body mold, couldn't they fix that one spot? It's a bit weird. Otherwise, she's lovely, though I wish her hands would turn, on both figs, so I could better pose her holding the trident. I've always been a fan of Mera, so it's nice having these figures of her.


  1. These are really great figures - I've not bought any figures in a while cos I always end up disappointed with lazy sculpts and generic faces, but these seem spot on.
    PS: I'm 100% with you on Batman and Robin #25 by the way. Feels like they're just running out the clock till reboot time :(

  2. I wasn't sure I wanted to buy Mera. The photos of her looked nice, but when I saw them in person, I knew I had to have them.

    And when Winick's put on a book these days, you can't expect much.