Monday, July 11, 2011

October in the DCnU

I didn't think the DCnU could get worse after the big announcement of the 52 #1 books, but I was wrong. The solicits for October make me even less enthused. Aside from some of the descriptions saying nothing of any note, between the non-costume Kory is wearing, the unusual tattoo Roy is sporting (doesn't looking Native American to me), and the second issue of Catwoman sounding even more soap opera-ish than the first, I really don't see myself reading more than Batwoman and perhaps one or two others. DC might be jumping a herd of sharks with this reboot.

Meanwhile, Secret Six 35 rocked, as usual. Bane wants to take the offensive and go after the people important to Batman. This cannot end well, but the sad fact is, that after the next issue, it does end. Damn.


  1. I'm trying to enjoy Secret Six for as long as I can.

    And yes, Kori's outfit is even more outlandishly ridiculous than her original one...and I didn't think that was possible. October they are coming out with a Shade mini-series. Be still my heart!

  2. I think if they do minis for characters I don't normally read, like Shade, I'll probably get them. But for characters I do read now, like Huntress, I probably won't, because I won't be happy with having to rethink the characters so much.

    I must admit, though, I've been tempted to see what they do with Roy Harper, but I can't stand Jason Todd, so I'll have to skip that one, I guess.

  3. Thoughts:

    1. I don't know what happened to Huntress's face, but it looks painful o_o
    2. Behold, someone found a way to make the Penguin's nose look even more outlandishly ridiculous.
    3. "What does Batwing do when blah blah blah? BATWING FIGHTS BACK!" No, really? And here I thought he was going to send out for pizza.
    4. I can't decide what's the bigger fail about B:TDK - the horrible perspective on the cover (look at Two-Face's left arm!) or the way the solicit ends, which manages to be both childish AND condescending.
    5. And behold, someone also found a way to make Starfire's costume even MORE ridiculously stripperrific. (Remember when she wore a full-body suit about a decade ago? Good times.) Plus, using a bow and arrow in close-quarter combat? Smooth.
    6. I just may throw up.

  4. Excellent points all. I'm also wondering if someone new is writing the copy for the solicits, because they're more inane than usual.