Saturday, September 17, 2011

A Late Addition to the List

I added Resurrection Man to my pull list. I don't really know the character, other than his appearance not all that long ago in Supergirl, and he seems cool, and is someone who can't be screwed up in my mind because I have no real preconceptions about him.

I did read Grifter 1 and while it's certainly not about Cole Cash from the WildCats in the Wildstorm universe, the book wasn't half bad and a lot of intrigue was set up. Cole is a real grifter in this who somehow has been dragged into something he has no clue about. Or does he? The art was fine. Nothing special, but easy enough on the eyes.

I still have some last DCU books to read and review. I think I'm putting them off so I won't have to say goodbye to those wonderful characters. *sniff*


  1. Resurrection Man is a goodie. I was SO glad when they brought this book back. If you've never read it before, Mitch, keeps dying, and coming back with a different super power. There was an absolutely hilarious story back in Hitman a LOOONG time ago, where Tommy and Nat need Mitch's help, and keep shooting him until he comes up with an appropriate power.

    (writing it sounds terrible, but really, it was VERY funny)

  2. I was intrigued by Resurrection Man -- whom I'd never heard of -- when he guested in Supergirl, so I figured the book might be fun. At least, he's different than the average superhero. :)