Sunday, September 04, 2011

Two Reviews

I'm reading my comics stack very slowly in order to make it last during the fallow period, which I hope won't be longer than a year or two, but I suspect will be much longer. Even if the DCnU gets rebooted, there's no guarantee DC will revert to the DCU, but rather move to a DCnnU!

Anyway, Green Arrow 15 ended that version of the title with a decent ending to a decent story. Nothing great. No big tug on my heart. Just and ending. I will miss "my" Ollie, but he's been gone a long time now, anyway.

Gotham City Sirens 26 ended the series on an interesting and a bit surprising note. Having Batman/Bruce's involvement revealed was a neat twist, but what I really liked is, that despite her own emotional issues, Harley is no dumb bunny. She still has her shrink training and her smarts to figure out that Ivy is out of her mind and that Selina is right. Nice farewell to the gals.

And I loved seeing the preview for The New Teen Titans Games. I can't believe I've been waiting 20 years for this and I can't believe it's really going to be published. Now there's a DC book I'm really looking forward to!


  1. Both Green Arrow and Gotham City Sirens had decent endings...certainly in comparison to SOME of the books!

    Now apparently Ollie is going to look like Conner. And Selina gets her own book, which is ok, except that Winick is writing it. He thinks she is SEXY!!!! Exactly why they are putting Ivy in the Birds of Prey has me befuddled, not to mention Harley in Suicide Squad. Wouldn't it have made more sense to have Harley in the Birds, and Ivy in the Squad?

  2. You know, Sally, I'm beyond caring what's in the DCnU. The only book I'm looking forward to is Batwoman, and that's only because she's still new and they can't screw her up, much.

    I'll be redoing my pull list at my LCS at the end of this week. There won't be much on it.

  3. I find it highly ironic that DC is publishing the 'Games' graphic novel in that same month that the reboot pretty much eliminates the continuity that it's based upon.

  4. Yeah, DC is full of irony these days. ;)