Sunday, October 14, 2012

NYCC 2012 Day Three

Spent a few hours at the con hanging out with a friend in the dealers' room, and the rest of the time in Artists Alley, getting autographs in the program book (which had little room for signatures) and taking photos. Here are some highlights.

Matthew Clark

Ron Randall

Amy Reeder

Dustin Nguyen

Cliff Chiang

Stephane Roux

Aaron Lopresti

Tom Raney

Ramona Fradon


  1. Ramona Fradon at the end was something of a surprise! It's about forty years since I read any of her comics regularly.

    1. It's probably been about that long for me, too, though I also read the Brenda Starr comic strip which she took over and I don't recall when that was. Hers was the first female name I remember seeing in the credits in comics, so that made her special to me.