Saturday, October 13, 2012

NYCC 2012 Day Two

Today, the 3-Day Pass folks joined us 4-Day Pass folks, making for serious crowding in the main show room. I spent some time in Artists Alley, and had a delightful chat with Joshua Middleton and bought a print of Poison Ivy, which he signed. He had only that and one other of the smaller size, and since I don't have wall space for the larger prints, I didn't get one of the Supergirl prints.

Joshua Middleton
Bill Barnes
 I also chatted with Bill Barnes of Unshelved, the library comic strip.

Then I went shopping in the main room and took pics of people in costume. There are so many wonderful cosplayers at the con this year, as usual.

And here's today's purchases.
Today's Goodies

I also, on a whim, picked up the 0 issues for Red Hood and the Outlaws and Green Arrow, which I spotted at one of the comics dealers. I skimmed them on the way home. I don't like and never liked Jason Todd, and while his origin now is actually more sympathetic, it did nothing to make me like him even a bit. As for Green Arrow, I prefer the origin as told in the recent, pre-DCnU mini. I suppose they think this is edgier, but the other was edgy enough. Actually, I really like the first chapter of GA's origin as told in the new Arrow series, which I really enjoyed. A lot. More on that in a bit.

What I was really interested in was seeing if Roy Harper would figure in either of them, despite my earlier lack of interest in anything to do with Roy in the new DC52. Yeah, it's a year later and maybe I'm mellowing a bit in my negative attitude about the books. Or just curious. And I have to admit, the way Roy was used in Green Arrow 0 wasn't bad, though we didn't get his background. There was no mention of his ever being raised on a reservation, and I'd hate to have him lose his Native American connection.

So, is anyone reading Red Hood and the Outlaws? Has it improved from Kory as Bimbo book? Is it worth reading? Given I've frozen Roy in my mind pre-Lian's death, I think I'm at the point where I'm ready to accept an alternate universe Roy Harper. I'm reading Nightwing and that's really good.

Back to Arrow. The quick review: I loved it. Amell is great as Ollie and I like the gimmick of alternating present time with flashbacks to his time on the island. There's intrigue and a nifty connection with Laurel Lance, her sister whom Ollie cheated on her with, and their father, Det. Lance, played by the wonderful Paul Blackthorne, who has it in for Ollie. There's lots of promise here for a fun, fast-paced show that's action and soap opera rolled into one.


  1. Honestly, I like Red Hood quite a bit. It's one of two books I read right away these days. And Kory's characterization has certainly improved, to the point where I wonder whether it started as it did in order to point out the contrast!

    1. Hmmmm..... I might just have to pick up the next issue. I miss Roy Harper. Any version of Roy. An AU version would do at this point.