Friday, October 12, 2012

NYCC Day 1

Has it been a year already? Yes, it has! Time for another NYCC! This was the first one I had to pay full price for, being that I'm now retired and can't get the pro rate (which I used to get because I was a working librarian). And I love the first day because it isn't as congested, so I sprung for a 4-day pass.

I visited with two creators whose projects I'm helping to back via Kickstarter: Jamal Igle, who I've been friendly with over the years, who got Molly Danger funded, and Jim Calafiore, who with Gail Simone, is doing Leaving Megalopolis. It was so cool going over to Jim in Artists Alley, which is so far from the main show room this year it might as well be in a different zip code, and introduce myself by saying, "Hi, I'm one of your backers," and being thanked. I had a nice chat with both of these fine, nice gentlemen.

Jamal Igle
Jim Calafiore
Katie Cook
Katie Cook

 I got a cute sketch from Katie Cook. I love her self-made badge. If you can't read it, it says, "Harvey Award Loser Katie Cook."

Amanda Conner
I brought my little stormtrooper Steve with me, as usual. He has a crush on Amanda Conner. I love how she remembers him, and because of that, she remembers me. I've taken a pic of her with Steve at every NYCC I've been to, or maybe I missed getting the pic one time.

Today's Goodies
I spent over an hour on line, and that's after getting my wristband, at DC Collectibles so I could buy the NYCC Exclusive Aardman Batman figure, but he was so worth the wait, and my aching feet and legs. The little drawing by Katie Cook is of Supergirl in her classic outfit and Steph Batgirl.

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