Wednesday, December 12, 2012

Here Comes Yet Another Version of Roy Harper

And I'm excited! The CW's Arrow is adding the character of Roy Harper! I'm not familiar with Colton Haynes, not having ever watched Teen Wolf, but I like how he looks, and the background for the character sounds pretty cool. Arrow has been a great TV adaptation of a comic character, grounding the mythology in reality and filling out Ollie's backstory on the island, as did the Year One comic, with the added intrigue of the book of names his father gave him to right the wrongs of the Queen family by bringing down the power movers who have been slowly destroying Starling City (I hate that name).

I've enjoyed the show's version of Huntress, Diggle is a great addition, I like how Tommy Merlyn and his father are being woven into the story, and Paul Blackthorne as Quint (why Quint? Why not Larry?) Lance is just awesome. This show just keeps getting better and better.

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