Thursday, December 13, 2012

New Header

It was time. And I finally had some covers I thought would work. I might change it again, depending on how my favorites change, but these work for now. I am partial to Phantom Lady and Doll Man and that cover on issue 1 by Amanda Conner is to die for, but the photo came out blurry, so I used the one for Jennifer Blood, instead, my first non-DC cover and I must say, it looks strange, even though it's an awesome cover, one of my favorites. It's so eye catching. And all 4 pics worked well with the lettering, so I didn't have to move or change that, which makes me happy. Also making me happy is that I can keep Roy and Dick in the header. I just wish I could keep Dinah and Babs and the Birds of Prey and Kara Supergirl here, too. Ah well. At least I had, for once, plenty of female characters to choose from, so that's a nice change.

For those of you keeping track (just me, then?), here are this blogs headers so far.
Current Header

2nd Header

Original Header


  1. Very nice. It's always fun to change things around once in a while.

    1. Thanks. I figured I should at least attempt to keep it up-to-date. :)