Thursday, December 20, 2012

Three Reviews

World's Finest: Huntress/Power Girl 7
I'm still enjoying it. It's not a great comic, but it's mostly fun and I like this AU version of PG and Huntress from Earth 2. I'm especially enjoying the sections illo'd by Kevin Maguire (the Huntress sections). The style is expressive if a bit cartoonish that reminds me of Amanda Conner. Huntress and Damian are cute together.

Nightwing 15
A Death of the Family tie-in. This version of the Joker is about as psychotic as it gets, which brought to mind the Joker in the last year of the old DCU. I've been enjoying having Haley's Circus around, so it looks like the circus folks might not make it or be around after the Joker is done messing up Dick's life. Meanwhile, Dick is nicely conflicted by his feelings for Sonia. A decent job keeping up with what's been going on in this book and tying the story into the Death of the Family storyline in the Bat books.

Red Hood and the Outlaws 15
A Death of the Family tie-in. In this book, the Death of the Family chapter feels a bit more disruptive, but given Jason's tortured history with the Joker -- the Joker having once killed him -- it makes sense to involve Jason. Jason reacts to the Joker's attack on Isabel in a predictably emotional manner, making him easy prey for his old lunatic nemesis. The Joker knows an awful lot about him, which keeps the angst level high. This book has been strong on characterization and this issue maintains that standard. Roy and Kori aren't around much, but their few scenes are fun, especially when we learn how much Roy keeps up with his teammates' lives. And he knows Navaho, so there is a Native American connection. I do hope we get more on his background sooner than later. Even Harvey Bullock shines as he has his doubts that Isabel, who'd OD'ed thanks to the Joker, is really the addict she appears to be. Harvey might not be a politically correct cop, but he's probably GPD's best detective.

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