Friday, January 11, 2013

It Figures

Red Hood and the Outlaws is getting a new writer in a few issues: James Tynion IV. There will be a new artist, too, but I'm focusing on the change in writer now.

File this under the It Figures Department. I find one book in the DCnU that I absolutely love, so it's changing, getting a new direction, becoming a "fun adventure book." I love the edginess of the book now, so I'm getting nervous about a new direction. And yet, Roy is the focus of Tynion's first arc, so I'm gonna reserve judgment. I just hope he keeps the personalities of the trio of anti-heroes intact. Scott Lobdell really got these characters and did right by them.

So, I'll keep reading, reserving judgment until I see what Tynion does with the book, and my favorite character, Roy.


  1. This sort of thing does seem to happen with dull regularity doesn't it? You find a combination of writer and artist that you love, and settle down for a nice long stint of glory...and then six issues in, they change the whole thing.


    On the other hand, maybe it will work out.

    1. Yeah, definitely. At least Lobdell got 18 issues, which is pretty good these days. I found Tynion's Facebook page, liked it, and left a comment about how important Roy is to me and how I hope he does right by him. ;) So, we'll see.