Monday, January 14, 2013

The New Earth 2 Kinda Sucks

I don't know why Huntress and Power Girl seem so eager to get back to Earth 2, their homeworld, because the Earth 2 in the comic of the same name sucks big time. Or maybe it's just the comic Earth 2 that sucks. It started well enough, slowly introducing the characters and even was provocative, presenting a younger Alan Scott who turned out to be gay, only to kill off his lover in a train crash when we meet Alan who soon thereafter, becomes Green Lantern. It's been kinda downhill from there and I'll be dropping the book. The newly minted heroes seem interesting enough, but they're thrown together and before we can explore their motivations and lives, the next issue brings someone new and I've lost the thread of the previous issues. I'm sure this seemed boffo in the editorial pages, but for me, the excitement hasn't made it to the pages. All I see is a mess. A bloody, violent mess. Better PG and Huntress stick around on Earth 1.

World's Finest 8 finds Karen and Helena apart most of the issue, with Helena shot! Eek! PG doesn't take that sitting down, and so hunts down the hunter. But it's the end of the issue that brings the true thrill. Batman is a bit peeved at what Damian's been up to on his own, and so we have Bruce's intervention to look forward to next ish, probably.

Teen Titans 15
I got this because it ties in with Red Hood and the Outlaws. I'm more interested in the next issue which should feature Roy, but this sets up the last issue of Red Hood, which has Roy and Kori showing up to join the Titans while trying to help Jason. I'm not reading other Death of the Family tie-ins other than the titles I already read, which pretty much means just Nightwing. I'm not all that family with the lineup here, but the characters have a nice rapport and if you just ignore Barbara Gordon's odd guest role, including her unfortunate jackknifed body on page one (Seriously, the only good thing about that image is that it wasn't the cover.), the issue wasn't bad. Scott Lobdell, the current scribe of Red Hood, plotted it, and Fabian Nicieza did the dialogue and I like both writers. The art by Brett Booth and Norm Rapmund is generally nice, but Booth might want to double check an anatomy book. I'm just sayin'.

Edited to add: I just compared the last page of Red Hood 15 with the last page of TT 15, which show the same scene, and Kori looks much better in TT. In Red Hood, art by Timothy Green II and Wayne Faucher, her body is elongated, and her breasts are thrust forward. In TT, she's posed more like a normal person. And while the case could be made that Kori is alien, and a very sexual one at that, I like her better in the TT illo. So, Booth wins that round, making him 1 for 2. However, I prefer the attitude shown by Roy in the Red Hood panel more than in the TT version. It is a rare treat to see two art teams illo the same thing, though.

From Red Hood and the Outlaws 15

From Teen Titans 15

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