Monday, January 06, 2014

New Year New Reviews

Happy New Year, Everyone. Or at least to those few of you still reading my ramblings. ;)

I've still got stacks and stacks of unread comics, compilations, and gns, but I'm mostly caught up with what I buy monthly. Yay!

What I read last week:

Rocket Girl 3
Things are really getting interesting now as the events in the past, aka 2013, get more confusing. The people we think are trying to stop Dayoung from going to the present, aka 1986, are really trying to.... And then there's all the stuff going on in 1986 as Dayoung gets arrested and escapes and doesn't know who she can trust, and, well, lots of timey wimey stuff going on. And I can't say enough about Amy Reeder's art. It's gorgeous and kinetic and fun.

Honey West and T.H.E. Cat 2
The first issue was so good, but this issue concluded the tale in a rather unspectacular, ho-hum manner that was more genre cliche and stereotype than thrilling and suspenseful with nary a plot twist in sight. Meh. Such a disappointment.

Jennifer Blood 34
In this issue, Jennifer's cousin (I think that's his relation to her; it's hard to keep track of the notorious Blute family) brings her kids to meet the rest of the family and then has to prove himself. Next issue promises to get back to the real action.

Painkiller Jane 1-2
I caught up with all the Painkiller Jane issues I had, then read this start to a new story. I'd had them for ages, even before I saw the TV series adaptation. I loved the show and I loved the concept of a woman who felt pain but was damned near impossible to kill due to her amazing healing powers. Her origin is a bit confusing, as it got changed at some point when Jimmy Palmiotti and Joe Quesada took the time to really think about what they wanted and wrote an actual origin story. Next, I want to rewatch the show which I recently got on DVD. The current story by Palmiotti, with nice art by Juan Santacruz, has Jane helping her cop friend Maureen by guarding a visiting Mid-Eastern princess. An attempt is made on the girl's life before she even gets out of the airport, and the pace never wavers. Jane's one of the kickass female characters making comics fun to read these days.