Sunday, January 12, 2014

Some Reviews

In the interest of trying to stay current, I decided it's best to not wait til I've read everything in the latest comics batch before posting reviews. I still have Legenderry 1 to read, but that's it. I'm taking a break from the stacks and stacks of unread comics to finish A Storm of Swords before season 4 of A Game of Thrones begins.

So, on to the comics...

Fairest 22
Cinderella goes after the Fairy Godmother, aka FG, only to discover she's escaped from her prison cell. When she and Dickory, her mouse companion, catch up with FG, she's smoking some weed and seems really out of it. Cinderella hustles her out of there, then the shooting starts. I don't read Fables, so maybe I missed catching some stuff. At any rate, I'm looking forward to finding out what's going on. And this book needs to be printed on better quality paper, but at least, I should be able to swap it out at some point for the trade.

The Shadow 21
Mostly told from the pov of a character the Shadow knew long ago when they both went by different names, someone the Shadow now hopes can give him a lead on the man he seeks, in this globe-trotting tale. Intriguing and sinister. I'm enjoying this.

Black Widow 1
I've been enjoying Hawkeye and Captain Marvel, and I like Black Widow from the recent Marvel movies, plus art by Phil Noto!, so I figured I'd give this a try. I really liked it. Issue 1 has the feel of setting things up for the long haul along with giving Natasha a couple of jobs to handle as she works her way through atonement for nasty things she's done in the past. A really nice start. And a nice addition to my increasingly female-centric pull list.

Painkiller Jane 3
One of the assassins hunting the Mid-Eastern princess is holding her for ransom, instead, but Jane find them, only while she's battling the baddie, the princess escapes and heads straight for the hospital where her bodyguard is recovering, and now the two of them are on the run. Plus Jane and the man sent in by a senator friend of the princess's father to find her exchange some sexual banter. A real romp with more to come.


  1. I liked Fairest, the plot with Fairy Godmother is from one of the mini-series with Cinderella...I think.

    I really do have to give Black Widow a try.

    1. Ah, thanks. I figured the FG story had more to it. And Black Widow is definitely a good looking book.