Friday, January 17, 2014

Three Reviews

Nightwing 27
Not bad. Dick deals with some domestic issues, which looks like it'll lead to trouble for him in upcoming issues, while the main story has him dealing with Marionette, aka Mali, and the Mad Hatter. While the story is fine for what it is, it doesn't have the depth of the previous stories that have marked this title since the inception of the New 52. I'll probably keep reading, but I can't see myself keeping the issues for rereading. Which is a shame because this was one of the few DC New 52 titles that I found worth keeping up with and keeping in my collection.

World's Finest 19
I'm not reading any of the related titles, so I suspect I'm not getting the whole story. But, PG's powers are still out of whack, this time endangering Helena. So Helena decides to seek out the one man who might be able to help: her father's doppleganger on this Earth.

Jennifer Blood 35
This dark tale will conclude next issue. It had to end; no way I can see this being sustained as a long running series, and yet, I'll be sorry to see it go. Jennifer is really out of control now as her bid to get back her kids goes horribly awry. Already fearful of her, they witness more of her atrocities, which can't help but scar them for life. Will they turn out just like her? I'm really eager to see how this ends.

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