Monday, February 24, 2014

Five Comics I Read

World's Finest Annual 1: First Contact Prelude
I'm not reading other DC titles right now that deal with Earth-2, so I'm getting a bit lost with this one. Still, this story comes before whatever is going on currently, with Helena and Karen back on their homeworld of Earth-2, as Robin and Supergirl respectively. Helena deals with trying to be good enough in her father's eyes and Karen chafes under Superman's restrictions on her as his secret weapon. Even with the tie-in at the end to the current Apokolips storyline, it's a nice bit of character development and the art is nice. Nothing special, just entertaining.

Red Sonja 7
In Gail Simone's second story arc, Red Sonja is on an offbeat quest. In this first chapter, she's seeking a great chef and runs into a tribe of cannibals. I could say this issue was a tasty treat, but I'll refrain. ; I got the issue with the lovely Jenny Frison cover, though Amy Reeder's was nice, too.

Legenderry 2
This steampunk saga is rather fun. In this issue, we meet this universe's version of Green Hornet and Kato. Not much plot development, yet plenty of action. Davila's art nicely complements Willingham's story.

Red Hood and the Outlaws 28
After the thrilling ending to Tynion's long story arc, this was a disappointment. Supposedly a chance for the team to kick back and relax and for Jason to rekindle his romance with Isabel, this ended up being an excuse to break them up. After they fight off some baddies, with hints of a future story that might not happen now that Tynion's leaving, Isabel tells Jason what he does is important, but it's not the life for her. She was a good character, so this saddened me.

Harley Quinn 3
Probably the best book from DC right now, not counting Vertigo. Alone on Valentine's Day, Harley battles loneliness while under a love spell of Poison Ivy's doing. Mainstream comics don't get much more fun than this. And Amanda Conner's cover is to, uh, die for.


  1. I'd heard some good things about Red Sonja...maybe I will pick it up after all.

    1. It's pretty good and the art is nice. With so few books at DC tempting me, I've been trying just about anything out there, especially female-centric.