Sunday, March 09, 2014

One Sentence Reviews

Why one sentence? Because I'm basically lazy. So here goes.

Fairest 24
Love the cover, getting tired of the story, and I really hate mice. (And not part of the review, why can't this book be printed on nicer paper that brings out the color better?)

Miss Fury 9
Much as I'm enjoying this, the timey whimey stuff makes Doctor Who easy to follow.

Shadow Now 5
Lovely, realistic art enhances this story of the Shadow in the present day, but I'm ready for the conclusion.

Velvet 4
The plot thickens in this beautifully illustrated, period-piece espionage tale by the masterful Ed Brubaker.

Noir 5
The concluding chapter of the story that teams Miss Fury and the Black Sparrow ends with an expected twist that still nifty.

Lois Lane One-Shot 1 (Doesn't that seem redundant? It's on the cover as 1 One Shot.)
Nice art and intriguing Lois-centric story that includes her sister, lots of flashbacks to their childhood, and science run amok, but seems to drop words/sentences of explanations, which seems to be a trend for a lot of writers that irritates me no end.

Hawkeye 15
Finally back to Clint's story and it's a doozy as he and his brother end up in a heap of trouble.


  1. I so completely agree with you about Fairest. I like the character Cinderella very much, but this is just...dragging. And a bit boring. A whole lot of issues, without much happening.

    Hawkeye has been consistently fabulous, and I enjoyed the heck of of the Lois Lane one-shot. It's nice that they remembered it is her 75th anniversary too.

    1. The really annoying thing about the current Fairest story is that til this story, the book has been so damn good.