Sunday, April 06, 2014

More One Sentence Reviews

I am so far behind with reading, let alone reviewing, comics. But I did finish reading all the "A Song of Ice and Fire" books so far, and have started to tackle the Comics to be Read stack. So, here are some quick reviews, dating back more than I care to admit.

Saga 18
A fitting end to the current story as Hazel begins to walk!

Harley Quinn 4
A fun adventure as Harley begins her new job and tries to right a wrong while multi-tasking.

Red Hood and the Outlaws 29
Roy's trapped onboard when aliens steal the Outlaws' spaceship in this decently written first chapter of a story by Will Pfeifer.

Hawkeye 18
Aside from being confused by the books coming out out of order and the alternating tales of Kate and Clint, I enjoyed this chapter of Kate's adventures in Los Angeles and how they dovetail with the trouble Clint is in.

Fairest 25
Cinderella is still dealing with the mice and her stepsister in the current story's penultimate chapter, to which I say, thank goodness, but this has been going on too long already.

Nightwing 29
The story of a suddenly orphaned girl who discovered Dick's NW secret turned out to be better than I expected it to be.

Ms. Marvel 2
This continues being a charming intro to the new Ms. Marvel, with the right amount of teen angst, identity and image issues, and superheroing.

Captain Marvel 1
Aside from not getting the need to start the numbering again and not all that interested in all the Marvel characters showing up (Iron Man, Iron Patriot, and others I don't read but do know about from the movies), this looks like a good start to Carol rediscovering herself.

Lazarus 7
The stakes get higher for both the Carlyle family and the "waste" people hoping to be uplifted to "serfs" in this tightly plotted, tense chapter of this science fiction book.


  1. Saga has indeed been pretty fabulous, and I am so looking forward to their continued adventures.

    Hawkeye HAS been a tad on the confusing side, but what the's still more fun than a lot of the books that are on the shelves, and it will probably make more sense when I re-read them anyway.

    I am so glad that Fairest is...finally...getting close to the end, because this has been a bit of a bore. I can't really put my finger on it...but something just isn't clicking.

    1. I think the problem with The Fairest is that the current story has been an issue or two too long.