Friday, April 25, 2014

Fast and Easy Reviews

Why does it seem that the more I read, the bigger the To Read stack gets? Maybe because I keep buying more comics and GNs? Hmmmm..... I might be onto something there. Anyway, in between taking photos of the giant eggs in the Faberge Big Egg Hunt here in NYC, I read some comics.

The Shadow 24
The start of a zombie story. I'm not fond of undead tales, so I'm reserving judgment on this. It does fit the tone of The Shadow, but I prefer the more typical noir stories.

The Shadow Now 6
The conclusion of this present-day story was a bit disappointing as the Shadow's plan comes together a bit too perfectly. The photographic art was lovely, though.

Lazarus 8
From the recruiting poster for the Carlyle family's Lift (of waste to serfdom) on the cover, to the always entertaining letters and bits of character profiles and scientific news at the back of the book, this is one entertaining and thought-provoking comic. The story focuses on Forever's hunt for a terrorist planning to bomb the Lift caravan. This is my second favorite comic, after my number one favorite, Saga. Greg Rucka is writing a strong science fiction universe in graphic form.

World's Finest 20-22
I didn't need to read the non-WF chapters for this story crossing with Batman and Superman to know (mostly) what's going on. But the chance for Kara and Helena to return to their Earth is getting closer. The covers are nice, but I find the interior art lacking, especially the ugly faces.

Captain Marvel 2
A gorgeous cover, Carol's new talking ship (from Stark Industries), and the Guardians of the Galaxy. Seriously, what else do you need to know about this?

Red Sonja 8
Sonja's quest to gather people for a proper festival continues. As quests go, this is fairly entertaining. The stark cover by Jenny Frison is awesome.

Legenderry 3
This steampunk tale picks up, uh, steam, with the introduction of the realm's version of the 6 Million Dollar Man, uh, make that the Six Thousand Dollar Man. I love the fun spin this story is giving old and familiar characters.

Astro City
10: A nice, affirming ending to the trials Winged Victory had to endure.
11: A fun story focusing on the Silver Adept's non-powered personal assistant.

Oh, and if you want to see my egg pics, they're here.


  1. Oh, you can NEVER read too many comics!

    1. True! I also need the time to read them! :)