Thursday, July 10, 2014

Ooooo Reveiws

And some of these reviews are in a timely fashion!

Shutter 4
A quirky comic gets quirkier. Kate learns some of her family's secrets, but only the tip of the iceberg. Strange doesn't begin to cover it. A fun fantasy that resembles our world, only with creatures of all types, including a skeleton butler. Joe Keatinge has crafted an entertaining realm and Leila Del Duca's art is perfect.

Captain Marvel 5
Carol discovers what's really going on at Torfa which changes everything. And boy, is she ticked. I can't wait for the next chapter.

World's Finest 25
The last adventure for Huntress and Power Girl on Earth-1 before, by story's end, they return to Earth-2. I stopped reading Earth-2 months ago and am not sure how long I'll continue with this. I love the characters and I like Levitz' writing, but I don't really like the overall new-52 DCU and now this book seems more a part of the new order than before.

Legendary Star-Lord 1
All I know about Peter Quill is what I've read here and there and the Guardians of the Galaxy's recent appearances in Captain Marvel. But I wasn't lost in reading this. Peter's personality comes through and the story is intriguing. I'll keep reading, but I do plan to read up on his background.

Veil 1-3
I have a hard time resisting comics written by Greg Rucka, so I took a chance on this, even though I don't generally read horror. Or anything full of rats. But this story about a naked woman who awakens in a subway station with no memory and wanders the streets of NY until a man takes her in and tries to help her is a well-written, intriguing mystery, especially since the woman seems to have unworldly powers. By the end of the third issue, it's clear that the dark arts are involved and that she might've been created for a purpose, but to what end? Another winner from Rucka.

Harley Quinn 0: Director's Cut
I didn't get the Zero issue, so this is a double treat: the actual not-story of Harley trying out new artists for her then-upcoming book, and Jimmy Palmiotti and Amanda Conner commenting on each page. Some of the actual script pages are included and some commentary from a few of the other artists. A real treat is the art contest page conducted for the issue. Along with the winning page, we get to see the runners-up, and it's fun to see how different artists handled the same directions. Some great, fun art in this.

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