Thursday, July 03, 2014

Bunch of Reviews

Got a fair amount of comics read this past week, so let's get to what I thought of them.

Fairest 27
Aside from the gorgeous Adam Hughes cover, this was rather fun as the Farm animals are in an uproar over promised glamours that were never delivered. Reynard, our favorite fox, is back which is always a good thing.

Lazarus 9
Some good things happen and some not so good, but a satisfying issue as we learn just how the actual Lift works, while Forever continues searching for the terrorist out to sabotage it. My second favorite Image comic after Saga.

Black Widow 8
There's a real minimalist feel to this comic, to the point I'm not sure what's really going on. That might be due to not reading many Marvel titles, but Winter Soldier guest stars, and that's a good thing!

Shutter 1-3
I can't think of an odder comic, but it's also a fun comic focusing (ha-ha) on Kate Kristopher, one-time adventurer/explorer who has given up the life and wants to live quietly, but a family secret won't let her. The family butler is a skeleton, there are all sorts of critters and creatures living among humans, and the real story is just beginning! Worth a try if you like odd, quirky comics.

A period piece set in Chicago of 1962, when men were men and women mostly afterthoughts, if that, but not bad. The Chicago Organized Workers League are the unionized superpowered and non-powered heroes that keep the city safe, but something is threatening COWL. After the villain Skylancer was killed last issue, a COWL investigator finds union documents in his possessions. What gives the book a somewhat different perspective is how the main characters talk about heroing as a job, as if they were simply cops. I'm really curious to see where this is heading.

Dream Police 3
Dream cops Joe and Kate investigate a fellow Dream cop accused of interfering with a dreamer. A bit of a mind bender, and fun.

Ms. Marvel 5
Kamala faces facts and gets a less destructible costume. She also does some training to be better prepared to take on the Inventor. Loads of fun, great characters, snappy dialogue, family drama, intriguing villains, everything a comic should be.

Saga 20
Marko takes Hazel for dance lessons and gets chummy with the married dance instructor, while Alana works to support her family. Meanwhile, things take a dark turn in the Robot Kingdom. One of the finest comics being published.

Red Sonja 10
Sonja takes on a swordsman, only to be bested in battle, on her quest for a dying king. Entertaining chapter in a fun story.


  1. There were some goodies out there! Fairest was fun, I always like to see the animals on the Farm, and Ms. Marvel is a joy, and Saga is always good.

    So nice to actually enjoy my comics!

    1. Definitely. Comics should be enjoyable!