Monday, July 28, 2014

Some Comics

As we wait for Wednesday, here are reviews of some comics I read.

Red Hood and the Outlaws 33
Scott Lobdell is back on writing chores and I'm not sure I'm happy about that. I loved his work on the book when it launched, but this go 'round, it feels as if Tynion's run never happened. Kori, Roy, and Jason feel as if Lobdell is picking up where he left off and that makes them feel a bit younger, a bit stagnated. I enjoyed the start of the new story, but I was not feeling the magic. Nice art by RB Silva.

Ms. Marvel 6
A major character guest stars! And what a team-up it is: Kamala and Wolverine! And it works! A fun book keeps getting better.

Legenderry 5
I shouldn't have been surprised by the big reveal at the end of this chapter, but I was, probably because it's so long between issues. I might have to read the whole thing in one sitting once it concludes.

Velvet 6
"The Secret Lives of Dead Men" begins, which is really more the next chapter in Velvet Templeton's life than an entirely new story as she continues in her quest to uncover the mole in the agency who set her up. Slowly, Velvet's background is revealed along the way. Ed Brubaker is one of my favorite writers, Steve Epting's art is brilliant and perfect for the timeframe (1973, with flashbacks), and this is one of my favorite comics.

Saga 21
I think I ran out of superlatives for this book ages ago. It's fun, it's thought-provoking, it's got amazing art, it's got wonderful characters (toddler Hazel, the narrator, is adorable), and it still manages to be serious and shocking. This chapter furthers the current story as Alana continues to be the breadwinner, Marko handles childcare, and things in the robot world aren't going too well.


  1. The Wolverine/Ms Marvel teamup was adorable. And a hoot. Gosh, I do love that book.

    I feel the same about Saga. I'm running out of superlatives.

    1. It does feel odd that my favorite books, after decades of preferring DC, are non-DC books.