Friday, August 08, 2014

A Few Reviews

From last week and this week.

Lazarus 10
Kind of a bridge story, revealing what happened to Jonah Carlyle after he fled the family compound after his treachery in trying to kill Forever was revealed. It isn't pretty. I almost felt sorry for him.

Painkiller Jane 2: The 22 Brides
Second chapter of a trilogy. Jane, Maureen, and the Brides continue to hunt down the person or persons behind the mystery bombings. The photo cover really set the scene. They're working on a movie adaptation and I can't wait. Jane is a wonderful, kick ass character who deserves a movie.

Legendary Star Lord 2
After seeing the movie -- "Guardians of the Galaxy," duh -- I picked up the weekly comics and had this to read on the way home. So much Star Lord goodness. Peter meets his half-sister and their relationship gets off to a rocky start. Fun, but not nearly as fun as the movie. The movie is freakin' awesome!

Black Widow 9
Punisher guest stars. I really don't see much story here. Natasha is hunting terrorists and there's this mystery ship and, well, not much happens. I keep feeling as if I'm missing stuff, like words are missing here and there. If not for the gorgeous Phil Noto art, I would have dropped this already.

Harley Quinn Invades Comic-Con International San Diego 1
I'm not sure why this has an issue number. ;) It's about what you'd expect from Harley, especially with Jimmy Palmiotti and Amanda Conner writing. Also, the all-star line-up of artists isn't too shabby, either. Harley attends SDCC and craziness ensues. Fun fun fun.

Harley Quinn 8
Harley foils a robbery and gets over-zealous during a roller derby match. If you enjoy wacky humor, this is the book for you.

Hawkeye 19
Finally! After the beating from last time we saw the Barton brothers, Clint has lost his hearing and his spirit and Barney's in a wheelchair and trying to get Clint to fight back. But what makes this book so special is the unique storytelling of writer Matt Fraction and artist David Aja, especially the parts in sign language, along with empty word balloons to help the reader experience the dialogue as Clint experiences it. This is a special book.


  1. It really was nice to read Hawkeye again! And gosh darn it, I have to go and see the Guardians movie too.

    1. Yes, you really have to see it. :)