Saturday, August 23, 2014

A Bunch of Reviews

Always behind, always trying to catch up. Here's what I read most recently.

Shutter 5
This odd book just gets odder. Kate discovers she has a brother, who apparently was born a couple of years after their father died! I love this crazy book.

Legenderry 6
The penultimate issue finds Sonja, her memories of being Red Sonja restored, traveling with Zorro. A fun tale with really nice art.

Captain Marvel 6
Carol Danvers triumphs over J-Son as this intergalactic adventure comes to a satisfying conclusion. Captain Marvel needs her own movie. Really.

Ms. Marvel 7
Kamala and Wolverine make for fun partners and Logan gives her some useful advice on how to be a hero.

Red Hood and the Outlaws 34
This concluding chapter of Kory seeking vengeance of her former slaver, though nice drawn by RB Silva and Cory Smith, and inked by Wayne Faucher and Smith, reads like a cliche. This story by Scott Lobdell has been told countless times in all media, climaxing with the typical "if you kill him, you either continue to give him power over you or you become as evil as he is" dilemma. I really expected better.

Harley Quinn 9
Harley has a stalker. Who kidnaps her. If anyone can get out of a tight spot like that, it's Harley. Fun story, as usual.

World's Finest 26
Kara and Helena are back on their Earth, which I really don't care about. What is interesting is that the explosion on the main Earth, which resulted from sending Kara and Helena through the dimensional barrier or whatever seems to have created a new Power Girl. If they keep that character, DC might have something special on their hands because she's tough, a minority, and fun.

Veil 4
The penultimate chapter of this horror story about a demon brought into the world in the guise of a woman to serve an evil man. I'm not typically a horror reader, but this has been pretty good.

Jennifer Blood Born Again 1
I figured this was over, but they came up with a sequel story, and it's not bad. Jennifer's lying low in a cult, but reports of Jennifer Blood on a new killing spree looks to bring her out of hiding.

This Cold War super-powered spy story focuses a bit more on the way women were treated in the early 1960s and how frustrated a super-powered woman can get, a woman who can do everything her colleagues can do and more, yet she's treated like a pin-up girl or decoration. As for the story, the search for the mole inside the agency continues. I'm really enjoying this book.


  1. I don't know how they do it, but Ms. Marvel just keeps getting better.

    1. Just shows what a good writer can do with a good character.