Friday, August 29, 2014

There Are No Words

So DC doesn't want humor in its movies, according to this report. Granted, not every Marvel is the laugh riot Guardians of the Galaxy is, along with its very serious parts, but humor is part of life. Laughing is a very human reaction to things funny or even sad. It's a sign of having fun and it's a way to relieve stress. Batman isn't a funny guy, so Dick Grayson as Robin brought the comic relief. The Batman movies don't have Robin, so yeah, the recent trilogy was pretty dour and that's fine. But Superman? Sheesh. Just because you haven't done a good job with adding in humor doesn't mean you give up. You get better scripts, better directing, and you'll likely end up with better movies.

I guess I found some words for this, after all. ;)

1 comment:

  1. You know... I really don't go to the movies to be depressed. I go to be entertained. And I'm not saying that there has to be a laugh a minute, but some humor is always appreciated, just to keep everyone from taking it all so seriously.

    DC is taking it ALL too seriously.

    And this is also why I refuse to go and see the latest Superman movie that actually has him killing someone. That's...not Superman.

    Geez, lighten up guys!