Saturday, September 27, 2014

Four Reviews

Yup, another clever title.

This alternate history of the labor movement in 1960s Chicago, with superheroes, is fascinating. The plot takes some unexpected turns as the union of heroes takes a hit politically. Definitely a superhero comic that's different from every other superhero comic.

Copperhead 1
I haven't read anything by Jay Faerber since his work on DC's Titans, which was good enough, so I thought I'd give this a try. It's a futuristic, space-faring western (think Firefly!), with a single mother taking on the job of Sheriff in Copperhead on the planet Jasper. Some of the usual tropes are included: The woman doing a man's job! The passed over deputy who might be harboring a grudge! The visit from a wealthy citizen to discuss a mutually beneficial arrangement! Of course, the deputy is a tiger-like being and a lot of the citizens are aliens, and the wealthy citizen has AIs working as his security force, so this could get interesting. The art by Scott Godlewski is nice enough and gives the book a quirky, alien feel.

Legenderry 7
The last issue wraps up the immediate threat, but the baddies are still out there, so I hope there is at least one more mini-series planned, because if not, this romp featuring steampunk versions of established heroes like Zorro, The Phantam, and the Green Hornet would be a disappointment.

Saga 23
Wow! Where to begin? I could summarize the events, but really, I shouldn't need to. You should be reading this book. Things get intense. Bad things happen. More bad things might happen. I can't wait for the next issue.


  1. Saga really is one of those books, where you are genuinely disappointed to reach the last page.

    1. Anonymous4:14 PM EDT

      Agreed. And the wait for the next issue is interminable. -- Shelly (I tried linking my G+ and Blogger accounts to see if that helps me comment on my own blogs, but no such luck.)