Tuesday, October 07, 2014

A Few Quickies

I've been having computer problems, which is why I didn't post these earlier. Really.

Red Sonja: The Black Tower 1
Pretty nice start, with a cover by Conner and Mounts. The interior art by Razek is lovely and Tieri's story has a nice, mystical feel, focusing on the violence that occurs when a dark tower rises overnight, causing fear in the town's inhabitants. Sonja is determined to get to the bottom of things.

Red Sonja 12
As expected, once Sonja shows up at the Emperor's with the requested artisans, he reneges on their deal for him to release his slaves. Things look dire after Sonja is imprisoned for opposing him, but the artisans have become as much as family to her and they do what they can to set things right. A nice bit of fluff.

Gotham Academy 1
Wow, this was fun. More, please! Cloonan and Fletcher have crafted a marvelous tale, or start of one, with wonderful teen characters and a boarding school full of secrets that, while it might not rival Hogwarts, has enough thrills and chills to keep me reading. It's always nice to find a comic that remembers comics should be fun. Karl Kerschl's lovely, lively art doesn't hurt, either.

Fairest 30
The mystery of the missing glamour is solved in high style, while Reynard gets in deeper and deeper into the mess he's made. Interestingly, the cover is page one of the story, something Vertigo is doing this month. I can't say it isn't gorgeous and effective, but I miss the overall cover as cover art.

Black Widow 11
With some help, Natasha rescues her lawyer. A decent chapter in the complicated story without end.

Legendary Star Lord 4
Peter goes up against Thanos. It doesn't go well. It is, however, fun to read.

Harley Quinn Future's End 1
The wedding of Harley and Joker. Maybe. The usual lunacy from Palmiotti, Conner, and Hardin. Another comics team that knows the importance of fun in a comic.

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