Saturday, October 11, 2014

Another Year, Another New York Comic Con

This year, the 4-day passes sold out really fast, so by the time it was my turn, 50 minutes after entering the site's queue, there were only 3-day passes and dailies left. Three-day passes don't include Thursday, my favorite day because it's the least hectic, so I ended up getting passes for Thursday and Friday only, which cost a bit more than a 4-day pass. Adding Saturday would've been too much money to spend extra for walking around, shopping, and taking photos. I don't do panels; haven't done that at a con in years.

I spent most of Thursday in Artist Alley, chatting with folks and taking pictures. First stop was getting on the line for Amanda Conner, my favorite artist and one of the very few people I'd stand on line for these days. For most of my time at NYCC, Amanda has graciously let me take a photo of her with my little stormtrooper action figure, Steve. It's a NYCC tradition! Jimmy Palmiotti was there at the time, too, so I got them both to pose with little Steve. They're the nicest people and I love chatting with them.

Jimmy Palmiotti, Amanda Conner, and Steve

I got to meet Kyle Higgins and picked up the not-yet-released-to-stores compilation of the first 5 issues of C.O.W.L. which has edged its way into my top 5 favorite comics with its unique slant of unionized superheroes.

Kyle Higgins

Autographed Copy of COWL Book 1
I don't really collect art, anymore. My money goes for action figures and other toys these days and I have no place to showcase art, anyway, thanks to no wall space. But I did get a few autographs on the cover of my program, including Adam Hughes.

Adam Hughes
I then headed over to the giant toy and comics mall, aka the seller's floor, and bought a few things. Mostly, I took pics of cosplayers and upcoming 1:6 action figures, such as these.

I already have Mal Reynolds, from QMx on pre-order. It was nice to see the figure in person, though!
Mal Reynolds 1:6 Scale Action Figure
 I became a Honey West fan with the TV series in the '60s and have enjoyed the recent comic book series. I do need to read the novels on which the show and comics were based. So I was happy to see that Phicen is doing a seamless action figure of Honey, due out in 2015.
Honey West 1:6 Action Figure Doll
And there's a new player when it comes to high end 1:6 action figures: Star Ace. Their distributor is YesAnime. They're starting out, this month, with a series of Harry Potter figures.

Ron Weasley and Harry Potter 1:6 Action Figures

I'll showcase my favorites of the cosplayers I snapped in another post.

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