Friday, October 24, 2014


I've been having computer problems: a dying hard drive. So posting here is likely to be even more sporadic than usual until I can get a new computer.

And now, the reviews!

Painkiller Jane: The 22 Brides 3
An emotional end to the 3-part story that reveals the person behind the bombings. A Painkiller Jane movie is in the works. I can't wait. Jane's a kickass character who deserves more attention.

Ms. Marvel 9
I didn't think it was possible for this book to get any better, but it did. Kamala learns where her powers come from as she continues her war against the Inventor. I'm not sure the creative team can top this, but I'm sure they will.

Red Hood and the Outlaws 35
Roy's in a bad way, and Kori is responsible. It seems Lobdell is completely ignoring what Tynion did with the book and that's a shame, because it all feels so disjointed now. Still, we might learn what drove Roy and Green Arrow apart, so I'll keep reading, if only for that.

Astro City 16
This had me in tears by the end. An absolutely beautiful story about finding your true self and acceptance.

Harley Quinn 11
Power Girl has amnesia and Harley has convinced her the two of them are a crime fighting team. Lots of self-mockery here with Peej critiquing her outfit, plus the usual inanity that Harley is known form. Fun stuff.

Captain Marvel 8
Release the flerken! The cover, with Carol waist-deep in flerken kitties and Rocket on her head brought to mind Captain Kirk and the Tribbles. But the flerken, due to their rarity, are a whole different sort of problem. The flerken and the book are fun and adorable.

Lazarus 12
Forever cleans up for a ball and even dances, while her father continues to plot against the Hock family. Lots of intrigue, great characters, and a compelling story. The cover is divine.


  1. Sorry about your dying computer. I HATE that!

    Ms Marvel was indeed a hoot and a half. Gosh, I do love that book. And since Amanda Conner is doing the art, I may just have to pick up the Harley Quinn book, since it has Peej in it...and I adore her version of Peej.

    1. Amanda is doing only the covers on Harley but the art is nice.