Monday, December 29, 2014

Random Reviews

Dear Readers,

It's been a while. As usual. The past few days I've been bingeing on BBC America's Doctor Who marathon. I really should just watch all my DVDs from the 8th Doctor on, including Torchwood and The Sarah Jane Adventures. But first, comics.

As ever, I'm behind. Way, way behind. Here's what I recently read.

It's hard to believe that a comic focusing on unionized superheroes and the politics of 1960s Chicago could be so engrossing, but it is. In this, union leader Geoffrey Warner has made a deal with a metaphorical devil to make COWL relevant again. And there are, as there always are, repercussions. A thinking-person's comic.

Red Hood and the Outlaws Annual 2
Other than the nice art by Derenick, Faucher, and Wong, this was pretty much a waste of time. The Outlaws are seemingly children, but it's only an illusion as part of a plot against Jason. The others aren't really there, nothing really happens other than a silly threat ended, and it feels like Lobdell is just spinning his wheels, repeating the same old same old ad nauseum. The lack of forward movement or anything truly exciting in this comic since his return has been a big disappointment.

Harley Quinn Special RUb 'n' Smell Spectacular 1
An odd little story with a few odors that are fairly close to what they're supposed to be: leather, perfume, pizza, and banana mostly.

Guardians of the Galaxy Annual 1
I don't read the comic, but I couldn't resist this. Captain Marvel and the Guardians run into Nick Fury and his team, or so it seems. A fun little story.

Gotham Academy 2-3
The plot thickens as we get deeper into the mystery of the academy and the possible ghosts there. This is a fun book for younger readers and older readers who still enjoy a fun story that doesn't talk down to anyone.

Astro City 17
Wow. This story about a long ago wrong and the being determined to set things right packs a real emotional wallop.
Astro City 18
First chapter of a story focusing on aging heroes. For a superhero book, this comic is full of humanity.

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