Wednesday, December 17, 2014

Reviews Galore

Another mixed bag of reviews, from this week and uh, past weeks, in no particular order.

Copperhead 4
This space western mystery is enjoyable, but hasn't felt as special as I'd hoped. It feels as if something is missing, so I'm hoping the resolution of the mystery elevates it.

Shutter 7
With too much time between issues, I tend to lose track of what's going on. Fortunately, there's a handy little summary on the back. This is an odd book, but mostly fun. I'm not sure what it says about a comic, though, when my favorite character is the robot cat.

Fairest 32
One more issue to go. The current story concluded in a satisfying way, with the distribution of the glamours and Reyard getting a family.

Legendary Star-Lord 6
Peter and Kitty's virtual date runs into trouble when people try to kill Peter, something that occurs with alarming frequency. A fun little book that has me wanting to watch the movie again. And now I can! Just got my copy of the dvd.

Jennifer Blood Born Again 5
A nice ending to this addenda to the original series as Jennifer comes to some realizations about herself and her life. Too bad so many people had to die for her to learn those lessons. I have enjoyed this book and character.

Harley Quinn 12
Guest-starring Power Girl. Need I say more? How about a cover by Amanda Conner? There's not much to this chapter of the story, but it sure is fun as Peej and Harley encounter trouble in an alien realm.

Black Widow 13
Natasha's lawyer has been shot and she's pissed. She's not someone anyone would want angry at them. However, Chaos, the people behind the shooting, seem to relish making her angry, because they're out to bring her down. Not much happens in each issue, but Noto's art makes the book worth picking up.

Captain Marvel 10
aka the 100th issue featuring Carol Danvers, complete with a retro cover. As for the story, there isn't much Carol and a lot of her friends back home as they contend with a threat against Carol that involves a LOT of rats. A pure delight of a book. Except for the rats. Ick.

Red Hood and the Outlaws 37
Best of Lobdell's return so far as he finally delves into Roy's background -- still don't know details about his parents -- and what caused the rift between him and Ollie. This sure isn't the Ollie I loved in the old DCU. And it's sure not the Ollie of TV's Arrow. Overall, a pretty decent chapter. Now if the actually story can be this good, we might have something.

Ms. Marvel 10
Kamala runs into an unexpected obstacle in trying to take down the Inventor, mainly, the kids she's trying to save don't want to be saved. This book continues to delight.


  1. The fact that Kitty is dating...sort of...Starlord just delights me. Although she does seem to have a thing for the name Peter, doesn't she?

    Ms. Marvel does indeed continue to delight.

    1. Yes, she does. Kitty, that is. It's so nice to have such fun comics to read.