Thursday, January 15, 2015

Comics Reading Challenge

This reading challenge from Panels is interesting. I might try it. Here's their list of things to read, and some comments from me.

Read a comic book from the Golden Age (30s to early 50s).
  • hmmmm..... I read a lot of comics from the '50s when I was growing up, but probably more Silver Age. I do have some reprints of Golden Age books. I could reread those.

Read a comic book that features a creative team representing more than one gender.
  • Got that covered, with Harley Quinn, Saga, and some others.

Read a comic book originally published in Europe.
  • This will involve some research.

Read a piece of comics journalism.
  • I suppose all the comics news blogs I read would count, along with articles from Panels. Also, Comic Shop News, maybe.

Read a self-contained graphic novel.
  • I've got lots here, just need to get to them.

Read a comic book from an independent publisher.
  • Hmmmmmm..... I think I need a list of which publishers are considered "independent." Is Image one of them? I read so many Image titles now.

Read a comic book by an all-female creative team.
  • I have in the past. Would have to see what I read now or what might be out there that interests me.

Read a comic book about a culture other than your own.
  • Often do. I prefer to read things about cultures not my own. I read a lot of that in books. I would think Ms. Marvel counts, given she's Muslim and I'm not.

Read a comic book about a religion other than your own.
  • Ms. Marvel would count for this, too.

Read a comic book marketed for children or all-ages.
  • I think Gotham Academy counts.

Read a comic book that features an LGBTQ character.
  • I was reading Batwoman. I could reread them. I'm sure there are other gay characters in comics I read, but I'll need to check, or look for others.

Read a comic book that won an Eisner Award.
  • I'm sure I already do, but maybe I'll check the list and see what else there is that interests me.

Read a webcomic.
  • This is the tough one. They're hard on my eyes, so I'll have to pass on this one.

Read a comic book starring anthropomorphic animals (for Paul).
  • Well, there's Rocket. And I have comics here with Detective Chimp. I miss him. And I can always dig out my Howard the Duck collection.

Read a volume of manga.
  • Probably not.

Read a comic book written and drawn by the same person.
  • Another hmmmmm..... I'll need to check for a list. I don't think I'm currently reading any like that. I suppose Roz Chast counts. Might have to get something by her.

Read a collection of comic strips.
  • Oh, please. I grew up on comic strips. I have so many collections here. I do need to catch up with my Modesty Blaise collections, and there are the reprint collections of Mary Perkins: On Stage. That comic strip was my favorite when I was growing up. I loved Leonard Starr's art.

Read a comic about a non-traditional superhero.
  • Not sure what this would be. Any of the ones in Astro City, perhaps? Any suggestions?

  • I've got a bunch here, many unread, so I should do this.

Read a comic book featuring non-traditional art.
  • Another one where I'm not sure what it means. 

Read a new-to-you comic from the library.
  • I think good ol' NYPL has comics now, or at least graphic novels or collections, but I much prefer to buy than to borrow.

Read a science fiction comic book.
  • I'm reading some now: Saga, Lazarus, Copperhead. Well, I consider them science fiction. I did read a lot when I was a kid: Strange Adventures, mostly.

Read a fantasy comic book.
  • Superheroes are, actually fantasy, except for some that are science fiction. Shutter seems rather fantastical.

Read a comic set in a country other than your own.
  • I'm sure many I read have done stories set elsewhere.

  • This item links to a list, but I think a lot of controversy is subjective. I could reread The Killing Joke or Identity Crisis. No, not Identity Crisis. Maybe I'll just reread the Speedy heroin story from Green Lantern/Green Arrow, one of my favorite stories, though it seems almost quaint now.

Read a comic with a villain for the protagonist.
  • Does Harley Quinn count? Or I could just reread Gail Simone's classic Secret Six book.


  1. If you are looking for European comics, I can suggest the Lt. Blueberry books by Charlier and Giraud (aka Moebius) or Hugo Pratt's Corto Maltese. They are simply...fabulous. And gorgeous. And addictive.

    1. Oooo, they sound good. I'll make a note of them. Thanks. :)