Sunday, January 25, 2015

Catching Up Reviews

Been too busy playing with my 1:6 action figures than reading comics, but here's what I've read since last time.

Red Hood and the Outlaws 38
I'm really not sure what to think about this book. It's not bad. It's well written and this issue did a nice bit with Crux, but the title continues to feel like rehashed story.

Legendary Star-Lord 8
Peter and Kitty together, in person, in the same room! And Kitty learns just what's in Peter's heart and soul when the visit the orphanage. There's some stuff about J-son, too, and it'll continue in something I'm not going to read. Oh well.

Black Widow 14
In watching and rewatching "Captain America: Winter Soldier" on Starz all weekend, I've been struck by how funny/sarcastic Natasha can be. This version of Natasha isn't anything like that, maybe because there's no time or anyone for her to tease. At any rate, she continues her war against Chaos, which has me wondering if Maxwell Smart of CONTROL will show up. ;) A decent chapter in this ongoing saga.

Copperhead 5
The first arc concludes in a more satisfying way than I was expecting. The mystery was solved, and not completely to formula, and relationships, if not quite friendships, are forged. I'll keep reading, for now.

Lazarus 14
This book continues to enthrall me. Forever is tasked with killing her brother, while also learning some truths about her origin. Comic book science fiction at its best.

Captain Marvel 11
It might be January, but this is the concluding chapter to last month's Christmas story. Fine entertainment, indeed.

Shutter 8
The weirdness just keeps multiplying as Kate meets more family members. I'm enjoying this, but I'm not sure why. It's not what I typically read. But it is fun and quirky and I do like quirky.