Saturday, March 28, 2015

Quick Reviews

I had such a great chat with one of the gals who works at Forbidden Planet NY this past week. We chatted about Roy Harper and Donna Troy and all sorts of other stuff. It was nice to find someone who shares my love of Roy and Donna, and understands how devastated I was when the original Supergirl was killed off. It was just really, really nice.

Ah well, on with the reviews.

Black Widow 16
Some flashback scenes fill in background info on Natasha that adds to our understanding of her personality. Even as a child being trained as an assassin, she showed an independent streak. At the issue's end, she receives an unexpected offer. I'm intrigued by this plot twist.

Chrononauts 1
This new book by Mark Millar and Sean Gordon Murphy gets off to a strong start as two intrepid explorers test out a time machine. When the scientist heading into the past goes off course, his adventurer friend rushes through the time portal to rescue him. A lot of time and setup is pushed at the reader with time jumps, giving us just enough to follow the premise and get us to the actual story. Now with the follow-up issues, the book needs to really deliver the goods, but judging by this first issue, that shouldn't be difficult. The pace is good and the art is sketchy and fun.

This political take on superheroing continues to fascinate me, with the few female characters starting to make their presence felt. If you want something different than the usual superhero book, this is definitely worth trying.

Dream Police 6
Thank goodness they put a summary of what's already happened in this book because with so much time between issues, I forget where things were left off. Dream Police Joe and Kate make their move, heading for the Verge to seek answers to what the dream realm truly is and why Joe had a partner he can't really remember. Not much happens to further the story, just Joe and Kate making their move and their Captain sending the troops after them. Hopefully, next issue, we'll really get more actual plot developments.

Gotham Academy 6
Olive is saved by Croc, learns a bit more about her mother and the connection between the Academy and Arkham, and it looks like Damian Wayne will soon be a classmate. Such a fun book.

Legendary Star-Lord 10
Since I'm not reading the other Black Vortex issues, this made little sense, but it featured a nice scene between Peter and Kitty.

Legenderry Red Sonja 2
The next chapter of this steampunk Red Sonja story finds Sonja helping the Bride of Frankenstein. I like this version of Red Sonja more than the original version.


  1. It IS always so delightful to run across someone who shares your interests, and wants to have a nice chat about them!

    1. It is! I think I ended up talking to her for about 90 minutes, standing by the cash registers while she rang up customers.