Tuesday, April 14, 2015

So Many Comics

I'm still not caught up with all the comics I bought in the last two weeks, and I'll be getting more tomorrow. Oy vey! Let's just get to the (albeit brief) reviews.

Astro City 22
A done-in-one issue story follows the last multi-issue story and it's very sweet, about an aging superhero who is now an author and facing a life of retirement. This book always hits me in, as the younger generations say, the feels.

Copperhead 6
A new story begins, but first, the sheriff takes a night off. albeit reluctantly. This is a comic I enjoy, but not enough to buy the trade collections. It's entertaining, but not a keeper for me.

Descender 2
This compelling new book doesn't disappoint as TIM-21's early days are revealed while his continued existence is very much in jeopardy.

Legenderry Green Hornet 2-3
In their investigation of what seems to be a mob war, the Green Hornet and Kato find an unexpected ally and learn a bit more about the enemy behind it all. I prefer steampunk Green Hornet to the original version of the character.

Harley Quinn 16
Harley puts together her Harley team. This can't end well. And anyone who thinks this book should be taken seriously is missing the point. It's a wild, crazy ride with nice art.

I read the Convergence Harley Quinn, too, but it was a more serious version, presumably the original version which I never read. It didn't do much for me.

Captain Marvel 14: Black Vortex
Since I'm reading only the chapters in this title and the Star-Lord book, the whole thing is a disjointed mess for me.  I assume other titles are involved, too. Anyway, this was kinda meh.

Saga 27
Marko, having tried drugs, spends most of the issue in a hallucination that leads to an epiphany of sorts, giving Fiona Staples a lot of fun stuff to draw, including full front nudity for Marko! Seriously, I was reading this on the subway on my way home for Forbidden Planet NY and for the first time since my teen years was self-conscious about reading comics in public. But a great issue as usual.


  1. Saga was indeed a helluva ride! The Convergence books have been hit or miss for me... mostly miss. It was nice to see Roy and Wally though.

    1. I skimmed the Convergence Titans book in the store, couldn't bring myself to buy it.