Sunday, April 26, 2015

Belated Reviews as Usual

Belated and brief. So, here's what I read in the past couple of weeks.

Legenderry Red Sonja 3
I really like this steampunk realm and I prefer steampunk Sonja to the actual Red Sonja. In this chapter, she meets mad scientist Victor Frankenstein, who's taken her prisoner, and things don't go well. Breezy and enjoyable.

Black Widow 17
Natasha is given a vision of the perfect life she could have, if she takes Chaos's offer. Is there any doubt what her answer is? Let's just say Chaos doesn't like being turned down. Far from my favorite book, but still, an enjoyable one.

Ms. Marvel 14
Poor Kamala. The perfect boy isn't all that perfect, after all, as Kamala learns that there are nasty Inhumans as well as nice ones. This book continues to be awesome.

Legendary Star-Lord 11
Chapter 12 of the Black Vortex. This follows, it seems, the Captain Marvel chapter, which I read, so it sorta made sense to me. Kitty makes a sacrifice that probably will end her budding love affair with Peter. *sniff* I'll be glad when this Black Vortex storyline is over, but I don't know if this book will still be around.

Shutter 11
The weirdness of this weird book keeps getting, uh, weirder. After a lot of weirdness, Kate is finally going to learn about/meet? her mother? I'm not sure why I'm still reading this. It's not bad and somehow, I'm hooked, but it's so not the kind of comic I usually enjoy.

The Big Con Job 2
This saga/caper tale of down-on-their-luck cult actors working the con circuit continues, with the group considering an agent's offer for them to pull a heist at SDCC. There's something so sad about this, with pathos mixed in with the humor. I really feel for these aging actors. In a short time, they've become very real to me. The book is a delight.

Choronauts 2
Danny's rescue of Corbin takes an unexpected turn as it turns out, trapped in the past, Corbin doesn't want rescuing. Having fixed his time transporter device, he's been zipping around time, amassing a fortune and sleeping around in a wide variety of time periods, while the folks in the present try to find both and bring them home before anything gets irrevocably damaged. I'm actually surprised he hasn't actually changed the present yet by having altered history, so I hope that issue is addressed at some point. But the book is a romp.

Lazarus 16
One thing I love about this book is that it lets us see aspects of its fictional future realm by focusing on characters not previously seen or only briefly seen. THis issue features a nun who acts as a spy for Carlyle in return for free travel through the territories. Her current mission is to retrieve a virus sample and antidote, but things... you guessed it .... don't go as planned. Topnotch science fiction that focuses on the people.

Velvet 10
As the final act of the first story arc gets underway, or is about to, the plot twists start coming fast and furious. I've always loved good spy stories, and this Cold War-era story featuring a kickass female agent is perfection. I know Velvet will triumph, but it's the how and the why of the story, as well as Velvet's tenacity that keeps me hooked. One of my all-time favorite comics.


  1. Is it me, or does Kitty really have a thing for guys named Peter?

    1. I don't know Kitty well enough to say. I haven't read nearly as many Marvel comics as I have DCs.

  2. Piotr Rasputin/Colossus, Pete Wisdom...Star Lord. I suppose this is one way she can be sure she doesn't yell out the wrong name at an inopportune moment.