Thursday, August 20, 2015

Really Short Week

For me and comics, that is. It's odd when a middle-of-the-month week means only 2 comics for me. But they are good ones.

Black Canary 3
I'm really enjoying this book, thanks in no small part to Annie Wu's art. However, Brenden Fletcher's story gives her plenty to work with. In this chapter, Dinah's ex-husband might not be as evil as we thought, as he claims he's just trying to help her and Ditto. But let's face it, good intentions don't usually mean much, especially in fiction. Exciting, breezy fun.

Astro City 26
This is the 20th anniversary issue of Astro City and to celebrate, Busiek and Anderson echo the first story, "In Dreams", with a story titled "In Dreams 2015" and a truly lovely cover by Alex Ross. As in that first story, the focus is on Samaritan, the most powerful hero of all in the realm of Astro City for an elegant, soaring single-issue tale. One of the best comics around.

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