Friday, September 04, 2015


The past week's reviews and a few more.

The Spirit 1-2
Dynamite has brought back the Spirit and since I love Denny Colt and I enjoy writer Matt Wagner's work, I figured this was worth a try. So far, it's different. The storyline starts with the second anniversary of The Spirit's disappearance/presumed death, and his friends are determined to find out what happened to him. So far, it's entertaining and in the ... uh, spirit of The Spirit.

Mockingbird 1 (50 Years of SHIELD tie-in title)
I like the character from the Agents of SHIELD TV show and I got familiar with the comic book version via the Hawkeye compilation Avenging Archer, so I wanted to see Bobbi in her own story. This one's mostly a mystery for her to solve, when her long ago mentor is murdered. A nice, simple story showcasing her skills and it's fun to know she still sort of pines for Clint.

Lazarus 19
This was my "read immediately" comic of the week given the cliffhanger of last issue. Not that I thought Forever had died, but it wasn't looking good for her. The situation is getting downright nasty and by the time Forever revives, she might not be in time to prevent disaster for her family. This is dystopian science fiction in comic book form at its best.

Broken World 4 (of 4)
A decent resolution, not really unexpected, but given all the setup, a bit flat. There was enough built into the setup and main character to make a nice 6-part mini-series, and the first 3 issues moved at a decent enough pace that this final installment felt a bit ... not rushed, but unfulfilling. I guess I wanted more angst, not a neat sum-up at the end. Given how it ended, maybe a follow-up mini-series is in the works, depending on sales. I'm not sure if I'd read it. I am curious as to where this could go, but it was fairly predictable, so maybe not worth another look.

Barb Wire 3
Barb's attempt, with her crew, to take down the BIG and very weird and very nasty Wyvern Stormblud makes for some mindless fun.

And for more mindless fun, there's...
Harley Quinn 19
Harley goes to rescue her team of apprentices from the space seaweed addicted Captain Strong and it's not pretty. Lots of gross jokes, but a lot of heart, too, a combo that pretty much defines the Harley Quinn comic.

If someone had told me years ago that I'd have only one DC comic on my reading list in a given week, I wouldn't have believed it, but it's the case now. It still surprises me.

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