Friday, September 11, 2015

Weekly Reading

A mixed bag this week, and I still have a few more to read. Some of these below, as usual, are from last week.

Gotham Academy 10
The Shakespearean issue, aka Let's put on a play! With Clayface! And Olive's mother might be alive. Maybe. Such a fun book.

Starfire 4
Fun and fluffy, with Atlee, a character I loved back in Palmiotti and Conner's Power Girl series. I think she worked better with Kara than Kori, but they make a nice team in defeating the creature after Atlee. I am tired of Kori being so naive. This isn't the Kori who recently broke up with Roy Harper. Speaking of whom....

Red Hood/Arsenal 4
Still the worst name for a comic I read. This isn't a bad book, just not as good as Red Hood and the Outlaws was. And Roy is just too juvenile for me. By now, he should be showing some sense of responsible adult behavior. This is the angsty, addict Roy, but still not quite the Roy I've loved for decades.

Ms. Marvel 18
The last page makes this so worth it! One more issue til everything changes in the Marvel 'verse. Kamala rescues her brother and bonds with Carol Danvers, and proves herself the best of the best in the Marvel universe.

DC Comics Bombshells 1-2
Cute premise, reimagining DC female heroes during WWII, but in trying to fit a lot of them into the story, everyone gets shortchanged. And as per a great discussion I had with a couple of gals at my LCS, Kate Kane is either no longer Jewish, or it's being ignored, which during WWII, would have been an issue for her, even here in the US. The art is lovely, though the story is a bit lacking.

Lady Mechanika 0-5
I'm really enjoying this steampunk comic. This first tale, "The Mechanical Corpse" (issue 0 is more of an introduction, with 1-5 being the story) creates a wonderful realm. Joe Benitez writes and draws and has created a wonderful heroine who, while taking on dastardly villains and their plots and schemes, is also trying to find out who made her, who gave her her mechanical parts and why. So the book works on two levels: the story at hand and the underlying mystery of Lady M's origin. Next up for Lady Mechanika is Tablet of Destinies.

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