Saturday, September 12, 2015

Weekly Reading Part Two

And here's the rest of what I read this week.... well, actually last night.

Quake 1
Marvel is doing one-shots (I guess) to commemorate "50 Years of SHIELD," so I'm reading the books for characters I know but don't really know much about, mainly because I know them from the movies or TV. First, I read the one for Mockingbird, and now Daisy Johnson, aka Quake. This takes place around 2010, and covers a time when Steve Rogers promoted Daisy to First Team in SHIELD. Essentially, this is a character piece and a pretty decent one.

Harley Quinn Road Trip Special 1
Harley's beloved uncle dies, so she has to travel to California to pick up his ashes and the Airstream Trailer he left to her, so she enlists her good friends Ivy and Selina to join her. Which makes this a bit of a Gotham City Sirens reunion. The gals party as only they can, and Selina's little side heist of a valuable necklace from the thief who originally stole it leads to a complication en route back to New York. Fun story from Conner and Palmiotti and lovely art from a team of artists, including Blevins, Moritat, Armentaro, Qualand, and Dougherty, all names unfamiliar to me.

Bitch Planet 5
Finally. This is the last of the first volume and it ends with a shocker, as the prisoners prepare for their battle in the upcoming Megaton "game" by playing a practice round vs their guards. These women are tough, but the deck is definitely stacked against them. The back page material in this comic are as important to read as the story, with this issue's LoCs full of moving personal stories. The photos of actual NC (Non Compliance) tattoos are cool to see, also. This satiric comic should be must reading.

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