Sunday, September 27, 2015

Slow Week

I got only one comic this week, which is unusual. What is usual is that I still have plenty of older comics to read, so I'm reviewing some of those, too.

The one from this week is Astro City 27, which delves into the origin of American Chibi and it's a delight. A rash of villains is linked to where American Chibi is from: a videogame developed by a woman named Marguerite Li, who got the idea from a dream. But that dream had sinister origins and she ended up creating a portal to another realm. This is such a wonderful comic and as usual, it brought a tear or two to my eye at story's end. One of the best comics being published.

Older comics I read, though not all that old:

Agent Carter (50 Years of SHIELD) 1
There wasn't much to this story, though it did guest star Lady Sif. Apparently, the whole thing was a test. I was hoping for more.

Lady Mechanika: The Tablet of Destinies 1-5
The story isn't done yet, but at least I've caught up. Lady Mechanika gets involved when her associate's niece's grandfather disappears while on an expedition to Africa to find a lost city. What he did find was the Tablet of Destinies that supposedly holds the secret to alchemy, the ability to change one element to another. I really like this steampunk comic.


  1. There really just isn't a whole lot out there!

    1. It's more that everything gets bunched up. I read a fair amount of Image comics and some are bi-monthly, or on hiatus, like Saga.