Friday, November 13, 2015

This Week's Reviews

An eclectic bunch this week.

Descender 7
Descender is back! I've thought Lemire's run on Hawkeye has been so-so, but on his own books, he's just fine, and Descender is a nice bit of science fiction with robots. Robot Psius has come, with Tim-22, to rescue Tin-21, but Tim-21 isn't going anywhere without his human friends and not without a promise that Tim-22 and Psius will help him find his human brother, Andy. And of course, there remains the problem of the Scrappers hunting Tim-21. Things are moving along with hints of some major developments on the horizon.

Codename: Baboushka 2
Baboushka's mission to bid on some valuable intell at an illicit auction hits a snag when the ship where the auction is being held is overrun by Somali pirates, sending Baboushka into fight mode. This is a light, breezy spy book with nice art by Chankhamma, sort of a less serious Modesty Blaise. I'm really enjoying it.

Starfire 6
This is also a light, breezy book, but it doesn't stick with me nearly as much as Codename Baboushka does. It's hard to believe this Kory hasn't just arrived on Earth. To be honest, I read this last night and I've pretty much forgotten what happened in it. Pretty art by Lupacchino and Ray McCarthy, though.

Captain America White 4
Jeph Loeb and Tim Sale's tale of an early Cap and Bucky mission with the Howling Commandos continues, with Cap wrestling with a feeling of helplessness that leads to a misstep in his friendship with Bucky. Well, a small discretion when he calls Bucky by his actual name. It's an intriguing story, thanks to Steve's hindsight narration.

Hawkeye 1
The continuation of Hawkeye whatever issue it was. Renumbering in the middle of a story is just too weird. Anyway, in the future, Kate is trying to convince Clint that they need to rescue the mutant kids, that turning them over to SHIELD was a mistake, while in the present, Kate has pretty much had it with Clint and goes off on her own. This book seems to be wandering around without a gps.

Red Hood and Arsenal 6
Jason is thinking that Roy's been acting weirder than usual, a nod to the Titans Hunt storyline elsewhere, which is the only thing about this that makes sense, as the whole story is a setup for Joker's Daughter, a character I detest, to audition to join Roy and Jason as a partner in crime-fighting. No good can come of this, for Jason and Roy, who agree, or for me, the reader. If you like Joker's Daughter, you might be ecstatic right now. Me, not so much.


  1. For some reason I completely missed Hawkeye. But yes, why the heck are they renumbering it with the same ongoing plot?

    1. I guess they decided to just renumber everything this month, story be damned. It's just weird.